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Kolcaba's (2007b) Comfort Theory suggests that increased comfort leads to health-seeking behaviors in the population receiving HD.
2003) Comfort Theory and practice: A vision far holistic health care and research.
Comfort Theory has been tested and supported in several patient populations, including psychometric and experimental studies in small samples of women with early stage breast cancer going through radiation therapy (Kolcaba & Fox, 1999), persons with urinary frequency and incontinence (Dowd, Kolcaba, & Steiner, 2000), and persons near end of life (Novak, Kolcaba, Steiner, & Dowd, 2001).
In conjunction with this progression, the content builds from the seeds of original discovery in comfort theory and practice to a community, national, and global vision for how to apply principles of healing comfort.
It also confirms my comfort theory that superwaif models may earn earn millions but, with their togs off, look like toothbrushes with all the allure of gnawed spare ribs.