comfortable circumstances

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You must remember that he is now in comfortable circumstances, and he will pay you such wages as you have never been paid before.
Hilbery was forced to acknowledge her claims, for though in comfortable circumstances, she was extremely dull, unattractive, connected in some oblique fashion with literature, and had been touched to the verge of tears, on one occasion, by an afternoon call.
Another comfortable circumstance was the reference which she made to her promise of never marrying any other man; for however disinterested he might imagine his passion, and notwithstanding all the generous overtures made in his letter, I very much question whether he could have heard a more afflicting piece of news than that Sophia was married to another, though the match had been never so great, and never so likely to end in making her completely happy.
Xi's father was Communist royalty -- one of the founders of the Party, and at one time its General Secretary -- and he himself was a 'princeling' who spent his early years in very comfortable circumstances.
BLYTH SPARTANS have perfected the art of convincing victory in far from comfortable circumstances.
His one nation Conservatism and his determination to empower those who are in the least comfortable circumstances in life is very much what bought me into politics.
Born into comfortable circumstances, he persuaded his father to invest in rubber and oil plantations in south east Asia; a fortune was duly made which was passed on to Algy.
In fact, he started life under comfortable circumstances.
Abaaoud, killed by French security forces in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, joins all the other sons (mainly sons) who could not abide the future despite comfortable circumstances and opted to take refuge from it in the all-resolving ideology of jihadist violence.
Since the international refugee convention was introduced in 1951, it has been about sharing our comparatively comfortable circumstances with people in need.