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4 Comfortable Questions value to Stand Alone: An questioning: God: A lack of avoidance of relying Freedom and/or clarity or certainty upon God, where comfortableness to with respect to he/she reports question and God's feeling or wanting to stand on examine his/her valuing of him/her, his/her own feet, beliefs.
Salma Al-Qahtani, a young woman, believes that being in public parks is equated with comfortableness for individuals and families who are able to bring their desired food with them.
Described as fresh, with amazing content and extreme confidence and comfortableness in its environment, is nonetheless is still trying to compete with the US competing over themes of power, slitting throats and smoking.
It means low consumption and lower environmental pollution index without compromising comfortableness, health.
continue to be more supportive of same-sex parenting than legal recognition of same-sex relationships or comfortableness with same-sex sexual behavior," said Gates.
A large majority of respondents indicated comfortableness regarding academic accommodations.
It is the showcase of business concept and work style which Toshiba aims to realize - saving energy, comfortableness, and counter-measure against any disaster.
Hotels and tourism facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain made all the necessary preparations as F1 approaches in order to attract visitors to Bahrain and provide them with all comfortableness and the most optimum services.
which is to create comfortableness to the opponent, and we tried to also bring that into the physicality and creating this uncomfortable look to watch," Bardem said.
Despite the growth and comfortableness of the video-game generation with computers, they still need to learn the particulars of the simulation.
The UN chief's comfortableness of the process is a major indicator that everything is going as planned.