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Lake Success is spiky, timely and true, but also absolutely comfortless. That's perhaps not surprising, given the times, but it's also something to do with its choice of central character.
No, no, till Mucedorus I shal see again, All joy is comfortless, all pleasure pain.
And in the distance we hear a five-finger exercise being played falteringly--a sound that evokes an image of reluctant lessons in cold, comfortless rooms.
Writing to his mother from Abbeville in 1868, Ruskin was delighted to find the weather lovely and the town "little spoiled yet" (19.xxxviii), but was "saddened by another kind of disorder--France is in everything so fallen back, so desolate and comfortless compared to what it was twenty years ago--the people so much rougher, clumsier, more uncivilized--everything they do, vulgar and base.
He [also] talks about the Spirit: "There are many more things I could tell you, but you cannot handle them now, but when the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you into all truth...I will not leave you comfortless, but I will send my Holy Spirit upon you to lead you."...When we have complex make, when we do it in...
The moment they are in the closeness of such areas, they would certainly begin really feeling comfortless and their believed phases would have the tendency to get interrupted.
The moment they remain in the distance of such fields, they would certainly start really feeling comfortless and their believed phases would certainly tend to obtain interfered with.
The minute they are in the distance of such fields, they would start really feeling comfortless and their thought phases would certainly have the tendency to obtain interrupted.
The floor was neither dry nor neat, the hearth Was comfortless, and her small lot of books, Which, in the Cottage window, heretofore Had been piled up against the corner panes In seemly order, now, with straggling leaves Lay scattered here and there, open or shut, As they had chanced to fall.
Hopkins's bewilderment crystallizes in his description of himself in the second quatrain as "groping round my comfortless" (l.
The logic of this constellation can be traced through to the late, unfinished, and much-discussed poem, "A Drunkard," in which Bishop identifies thirst and alcoholism with the comfortless presence of her mother.
It may result in moments of comfortless riding in the real application and a filter must be studied to future researches.