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That the dove should become darkened likewise bears significance, for the blackened dove--a reversal of the symbolic white dove bringing comfort and peace (see, for example, Genesis 8:10-11 and Matthew 3:16--where the dove functions as signum pacis--and John 14:26-7)--here represents the disquietude, turmoil, and comfortlessness of those who suffer in the wake of their patron's death.
The grime of smoke, of decay and comfortlessness were not then upon it, rather it was fresh and bright.
"All country people hate each other," he declares, and goes on to inveigh against the envy, malice, ignorance, moral indifference, backbiting of rural life; the bad tea, bad cooking, uncivilized comfortlessness and self-denial; the rapacity, the intrusive curiosity.