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They're bulky but comfy and the sound quality is excellent.
The reality was that the comfy seats were needed to absorb the noise and vibration of the four piston engines--Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasps or Bristol Pegasus (nine-cylinder radials, not to be confused with today's Pegasus in the Harrier Jump Jet).
Although COMFY intersection is in the FSS database (so FSS accepted my route), it is not in the database at Albuquerque Center.
Comfy Bus should be proud to have you driving for them.
We are very excited about the acquisition of Comfy Cuisine, which will allow us to continue our expansion into the food and beverage markets," announced Garth McIntosh, president and ceo of ICBS.
The Minneapolis EcoHostel opened in July of last year as a comfy, 21-bed guesthouse in the heart of Minnesota's Twin Cities.
What good gay Jewish grandson wouldn't love a sporty SUV that's also comfy enough to drive grandma to dinner for her birthday?
Tracie's comfy world gets flipped when her youngest teenage son is thrown from a rooftop building.
Our Quentin Terraces will be equally as chic and comfy with prime, prime, prime finishes
Young and illustrated in a simple, primitive, colorful images, More Comfy Cozy Tales is an entertaining story of seven-year-old Alec and his adventures while at play--and recommended reading for a child seeking to pass a pleasant bit of time with an engaging, 14-page picture book.
Chocolate brown and a warm red are still big trends in interior design p Mix styles for a more personal look - add a few classical items to an an otherwise more contemporary style p Try 'shabby chic' for a contemporary but comfy l,