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It isn't unusual for comic strips to tackle societal issues these days, but it wasn't always like that.
I thought, why not put the paper on its side, then you would have a frame like a film reel or a comic strip.
Relative frequencies of health-related topics were calculated and cross-tabulated by comic type, and by comic strip.
GoComics approached Marrin, NCR contributor and Celebration editor, about publishing the comic strip.
And he has a special comic strip called "Baby Blue" featuring his sisters, McKenzie and Madylan.
Shefateur Rahman and Alamin Hussain, both aged 11, had a great time making comic strip cartoons on an Apple Mac laptop and digital camera.
Now their creator is looking for what amounts to The Fifth Beatle: Stephan Pastis is inviting you to send your funniest idea for a "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip.
For a new comic strip to appear in print, an old one must leave the page.
He was put in charge of redesigning the characters from comic strips.
Why should I care so much about configured paint, supportive ground, and a catalytic something extra, and so much less about whatever private meaning a partially obscured episode of the comic strip Alley Oop might hold?
The comic strip is a reflection of American life, Caswell maintains.