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However, the comicality of this play lies in the financial and mental relief of the Ranyevskaya family upon the sale of the cherry orchard.
The important theoretical essay written in the early 1970s, "Il bazar archeologico" (The archeological bazaar), from Finzioni occidentali: fabulazione, comicita e scrittura [Western fictions: fabulation, comicality and writing], highlights this interest, and is drawn in part from ideas of such thinkers as Foucault, Benjamin, and Derrida (concerning an archeologically oriented sense of history), and written in collaboration with a number of fellow writers, including Italo Calvino.
A husband and wife mixed good sense, a bit of philosophy, comicality and love in an impromptu "almost 60th wedding anniversary" routine while visiting Mr.
Additional essays include Steve Seidman's "Performance Enunciation and Self-reference in Hollywood Comedian Comedy," Mark Winokur's "The Marx Brothers and the Search for the Landsman," Peter Kramer's "Derailing the Honeymoon Express: Comicality and Narrative Closure in Buster Keaton's The Blacksmith," and Kathleen Rowe's "She Done Him Wrong: Spectacle and Narrative.
The best English autobiographies," Lewis notes, "combine comicality with a sense of the sad absurdity of life," and the same could be said of Daydream Believer.
Poelenburgh remained faithful to his old master but, lacking Bloemaert's discipline, even in exuberance, often produced pictures enjoyable chiefly for their unintended comicality.
the sublimated essence of comicality that I could distil, from the materials I have
Comicality can maintain Emirati handler Musabah Al Muhairi's strong start to the season by taking the 1200m Prime Handicap, and is Gulf News' best bet of the evening.
The main technique used to create the ambivalent viewer positions in the above examples is a form of editing that Middleton calls 'cutting on significance': "each cut emphasises the comicality of the line of dialogue that just preceded it, and the audience's laughter creates a bridge to the next shot" (62).