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The jar of this interruption, the discord of Tom's tones coming across the notes to which Philip was vibrating in soul and body, would have been enough to unhinge his temper, even if there had been no question of Poulter the drilling-master; and Tom, in the hurry of seizing something to say to prevent Mr.
They were coming across the valley now, and had entered the pasture through which the brook ran.
It is Tom Brown, grown into a young man nineteen years old, a prepostor and captain of the eleven, spending his last day as a Rugby boy, and, let us hope, as much wiser as he is bigger, since we last had the pleasure of coming across him.
All this was done very promptly, and under sail we ran more than eight miles an hour without any fear, except that of coming across some vessel out on a roving expedition.
I sometimes pass a whole day without coming across a single one.
Marlow expressed a confident hope of coming across him before long.
I have thoroughly enjoyed driving around town and wandering through the streets on foot and constantly coming across the various incarnations of our lovely mascot.
American Demographics chose to cover ethnographic research because it is gaining so much traction and coming across so many of our readers' desks as a credible research tool," said Alison Stein Wellner, Editor-at-Large at American Demographics.
I didn't pay for fuel or food once coming across the country because people wouldn't let me when they found out what we were doing,'' said Martins, who was joined at the ceremony Sunday by his wife, Rose, and their three sons, who will fly back to California with their dad.
The flow would stop, start again -- looking like a garden hose and then increasing to where it looked like a waterfall coming across the shaker.
Anyone coming across the containers was urged to avoid touching them and to call police or firefighters.
To widen the uptake of digital services through this medium, providers will be coming across users who have never used the Web or even a PC.