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And as to coming away at night, you are to stay just as long as Edmund chuses.
I watched Therese coming away from the window with that helpless dread a man bound hand and foot may be excused to feel.
My sister's having found a friend, a lady she has told me of and made me rather anxious about, was the first cause of my coming away from home.
And one part of prudence they luckily used: they never trusted those three savages which they had taken prisoners with knowing anything of the plantation they had made in that valley, or of any cattle they had there, much less of the cave at that place, which they kept, in case of necessity, as a safe retreat; and thither they carried also the two barrels of powder which I had sent them at my coming away.
You are to leave the keys on coming away in the main hall of the house, where the proprietor may get them on his entering the house by means of his duplicate key.
How is it, O strangers," asked the old man solemnly, "that this fat man (pointing to Good, who was clad in nothing but boots and a flannel shirt, and had only half finished his shaving), whose body is clothed, and whose legs are bare, who grows hair on one side of his sickly face and not on the other, and who wears one shining and transparent eye-- how is it, I ask, that he has teeth which move of themselves, coming away from the jaws and returning of their own will?
The tide was on the turn, he announced coming away from the window abruptly.
I went through his desk looking for my own bills, and was coming away when you turned up.
Before they reached us, however, Desborough's bolt was shot, and the Colonel's horse, coming away with a rush, passed the post a good six lengths before its rival, the Duke of Balmoral's Iris making a bad third.
Rockware and Old Mill FC played out an 11-goal thriller with Old Mill coming away with a precious 6-5 victory as Prescot Sun FC beat Ecclesfield FC 6-4 away with Jack Colemen scoring four.
The seniors also have a bit of advice for me to when they realise I'm coming away with England.
we deem to be reasonable performances, but when "Time and again this season in lots and lots of games we have put in what we deem to be reasonable performances, but when you don't take your chances and you are a little bit loose in defending your own penalty box you find you are coming away with either a draw or nothing.