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And then he went along the hallway to its other end; and, coming back, ascended to the floor above and continued his puzzled explorations.
They were very much ashamed of themselves, and were coming back when I met them.
Barely had Sheldon reached the Balesuna, when he heard the faint report of a distant rifle and knew it was the signal of Tudor, giving notice that he had reached the Berande, turned about, and was coming back.
Personalization gets people to a site, personalization sells products and personalization keeps customers coming back.
The last practice we had, we kind of got up and down the floor, my legs felt pretty good, just running around, my speed was coming back, my hops were coming back.
The notes are a creative way to grab visitors' attention and keep them coming back because they can be dragged from a Web site to the visitor's own desktop where they remain active--even after the visitor has logged off the Internet.
I'll go about the rehab like I'm coming back to pitch.
Fresh, targeted news is one of the most powerful ways for a Web site to both attract users and keep them coming back every day," said Michael Kolowich, CEO of Individual, Inc.
Colleen Nua's daughter is coming back from a serious knee injury, one that sidelined her for the entire 2002 season.
Repeat visitors will find new haircare offers to keep them coming back.
With Leisle coming back - I talked to him about coming back - the defense is very good.
I'm not coming back to PIP to maintain; I'm coming back to grow this business.