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Until he ends this ridiculous charade by coming clean, these stories are inevitable.
CAR makers Proton and SAAB are coming clean with motorists by including "hidden extras" such as delivery charges in their on-the road prices.
Jimmy resorts to blackmail after finding a book that has the secrets of Ramsay Street's residents, but Susan gets out of paying up by coming clean about something naughty to Karl.
Coming clean, she then reveals: "I really have a good bachelorette party planned for you - with no oil involved.
But how will Gary feel about Alya coming clean to Kal?
Elizabeth Crowe , Associate Director for Coming Clean said, "Each day our legislators and agency officials delay precautionary action, more people are needlessly exposed to harmful chemicals.
Armstrong can look at the cup half full and reason that he would be doing the world of sport, and specifically cycling, a favour, by coming clean.
Summary: The House of Commons is finally coming clean on second homes expenses claimed by each MP last year.
What sets Coming Clean apart is Brune's deeper understanding of the problems presented by climate change--and, more importantly, his thoughtful assessment of the interlocking strategies needed to confront the climate and energy crises head on.
Not that it does him much good - his reward for coming clean to the Fisher boys, revealing that Jack's 'body' was really their dad's, is a punch in the mouth from Kris.