coming down

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That is why I am coming down myself and bringing Bransome.
He said: "The image of the plane coming down just played over and over and over in my mind, I could not get it out of my head.
That, in turn, is the result of several factors: slowing Chinese economic growth (it is still among the highest in the world, but it isn't as high as in recent decades); continued high US production (it is coming down as investment in exploration comes down, but it isn't coming down all that fast); and rising production by such countries as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq (which are intent on locking up market share).
Provincial disaster risk reduction and management (PDRRM) chief Gilbert Baaco told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that they have deployed a search party to verify reports they received from residents of Brookes Point of a plane coming down towards the sea while in flames at around 2 p.
They show youth unemployment coming down, long-term unemployment coming down, the claimant count coming down, and unemployment overall coming down - but above all, what we see today is the biggest ever quarterly increase in the number of people in work in our country.
Twenty minutes before dark, I heard this bruiser coming down the ridge behind me.
It''s only coming down because the Government is taking unemployed people off Job Seekers Allowance and putting them with work place agencies whose figures are not counted when calculating the numbers for employed and unemployed.
Summary: Mumbai: Borrowers can now look forward to their equated monthly instalments (EMIs) coming down soon .
CELEBRITY male singletons could soon be coming down the "love lift" for a charity edition of Take Me Out.
Summary: Robbie Williams is back to full health after coming down with food poisoning earlier this month.
Here's a bus coming down the road At last we'll be on our way What's that I read on the front of the bus?
The facts are these: it was an inner circle No 8 bus coming down Monument Road, crossing over Spring Hill to go down Icknield Street, when it was hit by a fire engine that was coming down Summer Hill from its station in Albion Street.