coming events

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The march of civilisation with us, has a strong analogy to that of all coming events, which are known "to cast their shadows before.
As a ship aground is battered by the waves, so man, imprisoned in mortal life, lies open to the mercy of coming events.
Janvier, who were still young, loved to make forecasts of coming events, for they felt that the future was theirs; while the other guests were fain rather to turn their talk upon the past.
But the quick inference, the subtle trap, the clever forecast of coming events, the triumphant vindication of bold theories--are these not the pride and the justification of our life's work?
Presently official announcement of the coming event was put forth.
On this merry Christmas evening, however, no fears or dim foreshadowings of any coming event clouded our hearts or faces.
In the interval while a coming event remains in a state of uncertainty, what is it the inevitable tendency of every Englishman under thirty to do?
But all the common herd judge 'differently; in the town, at the meetings, in the villas, at the band, in the inns and the billiard-rooms, the coming event has only to be mentioned and there are shouts and cries from everybody.
This was odd enough: but what was more embarrassing was, that all along the passage, and all along the narrow stairs, blocking up the window, and making the dark entry darker still, was a confused crowd of persons with great importance depicted in their looks; who were, to all appearance, waiting in silent expectation of some coming event.
He said the committee picked ten sculptors from across Syria to participate in the event, and the Tourism Ministry provided their accommodations for the duration of the forum, adding that the event will be held on annual basis in the future, with plans to host international artists in coming events.
He expressed his happiness for winning this medal, saying it will be a strong push for "our contesters" in the coming events, especially as they have made many achievements on both regional and continental levels.
More than 2,500 community organisations have already signed up to the service, who have listed information about their groups and details of up coming events.