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The deal, which still must be approved by regulators, represents the bank coming full circle.
No doubt readers will want to read In Front of My House again and again, coming full circle many times over.
He divides these diplomatic/military conflicts into overlapping phases: the first beginning with the Balkan Wars in 1912 and culminating in War World I, the Second World War, the Cold War, and coming full circle, the Balkan Wars fought from 1991-1999.
The ideas and conclusions which he puts forward in his writings, while unique and advanced in their construction, are merely the result of 19th-century German liberalism coming full circle, not Reformation theology.
But now section after section has been added, as these new pictures show, and like a clock ticking down it is gradually coming full circle.
Now that I am working with renewable energy resources out here on Ascension Island, I think my life is coming full circle.
For me, it's like coming full circle having met his mother and knowing how much she inspired and supported him,'' she said.
It's coming full circle now, because plans for developments such as Friargate will see this area become Coventry's prime commercial district again.