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But now section after section has been added, as these new pictures show, and like a clock ticking down it is gradually coming full circle.
The only thing missing," he wrote, "was a happy end: Shams coming full circle, detonating an explosives-laden vest on the bus in her beloved Jaffa, killing at least 20 of the despicable people who want to 'Judaize' Galilee.
Now that I am working with renewable energy resources out here on Ascension Island, I think my life is coming full circle.
For me, it's like coming full circle having met his mother and knowing how much she inspired and supported him,'' she said.
There is already evidence of an international commercial impact coming full circle, with visitors to the three DoctorWho exhibitions in the UK continuing to pour in.
It's coming full circle now, because plans for developments such as Friargate will see this area become Coventry's prime commercial district again.
FASHIONS have a way of coming full circle, and this season there's a look that knights of yore would recognise from their own wardrobes.
While compiling the maps, Peter was struck with how planning trends seem to be coming full circle with less heavy industry blotting the landscape now than a few years ago.
It's coming full circle," says the developer, Asher Lipman, president of Acacia Development.
Dennis is coming full circle, having worked for an illegal bookmaker in the same locality before betting shops were legalised in 1961.