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Twenty-five bags of rice would be coming off in a sampan directly, for stores.
The officer of health, and a variety of humbugs in cocked hats, are coming off to let us out of this at last: and all we jail-birds are to breakfast together in something approaching to a Christian style again, before we take wing for our different destinations.
Lord John had me with a rat-trap grip round the legs, but I felt that he also was coming off the ground.
You know the great fight between Malvoli and Nigger Ned is coming off after all?
Many a queer position have I found myself in, but never before in one quite so unpleasant as the present, or one in which my chance of coming off safe was smaller.
I believe he had seen us out of the window coming off to dine in the dinghy of a fourteen-ton yawl belonging to Marlow my host and skipper.
Yet you positively enjoy coming off second best--for the second time running
On the second day out, for instance, coming off the deck in the afternoon(I had straw slippers on my bare feet) I stopped at the open pantry door and spoke to the steward.
I don't think I ever had a brighter idea in my life," he said; "never thought of it till he was in the next room; never dreamt of its coming off so ideally even then, and didn't much care, because we had him all ways up.
At daylight, with Pitcairn three miles to windward, Captain Davenport made out two canoes coming off to him.
Cruz, who is coming off a 50-game suspension for his involvement in the Biogenesis PED scandal, is reportedly demanding a four-year deal worth around $70 million.
And even the uber-cool Swansea boss was left seething at seeing the leveller ruled out despite it coming off a West Brom player before Lamah found the net.