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"As we bear responsibility before Allah to keep everybody in the country secure and safe, it is our duty to firmly face this issue and find out those responsible, either government departments or individuals, contributing to this disaster and firmly punish them for coming short of their duty," the decree said.
"And, if they're not prepared to make movement, people at the back will end up lumping balls because there's nothing in front of them, apart from people coming short.
Their strength isn't coming short and linking up, it's playing on the shoulder to then go and score.
Meanwhile, national team star Yousef Falah could only manage a series of 653 pins after coming short in his last game.
As a midfielder it is perfect to play with one striker running long and one coming short.
He was in the team to go over the top and he kept coming short. That wasn't what I wanted.'
He could be helped by midfield players coming short to help him - and that would cut down on the need for a long ball to be fired out from the back as often as it is now.
There were times on Wednesday when he was playing virtually as a third striker, pushing his marker back, coming short and then spinning away for a ball over the top to cause panic in the Albania defence.
In a televised speech the president pledged to "respond with brutal force", adding that "the army and police will avenge our martyrs and return security and stability with force in the coming short period".
"We always had one striker coming short off the other one and Ade has done that to a great extent this season.
"I might occupy defenders in a different way by coming short, bringing someone else in.