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Many firms claim to offer a better MT4 experience but end up coming short," continued Mr.
Paracha said that masses are coming short of nerves due to intense situation of inflation and energy crises.
Omer said that the government and the Liberation and Justice Movement are ready to sign Darfur Peace Document in the coming short periodMO/MOBack
I might occupy defenders in a different way by coming short, bringing someone else in.
Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetcovic has made a seemingly half-hearted declarationA coming short of an actualA apology for the incident in which Serbian authorities obstructed the remembrance of Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski by the ethnic Bulgarians in the country.
Huddersfield came again from a scrum within the Waterloo 22 this time James Davies coming short to power his way over, Johnson again adding the extras to give the visitors a 17-3 lead at the break.
Their strength isn't coming short and linking up, it's playing on the shoulder to then go and score.
A few of the pilots who have been ordered to Predator duty have chosen, if their required service was coming short, to refuse the assignment and leave the service instead.
Meanwhile, national team star Yousef Falah could only manage a series of 653 pins after coming short in his last game.
He was in the team to go over the top and he kept coming short.
4, 1-4: From a 1-4 set-up, 4 inbounds the ball to 1 coming to 5's side screen in the key, 3 feinting long and coming short over the midcourt line, and 2 feinting short and coming back long.