coming to an end

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When the girls saw that performance, Jo began to dance a jig, by way of expressing her satisfaction, Amy nearly fell out of the window in her surprise, and Meg exclaimed, with up-lifted hands, "Well, I do believe the world is coming to an end.
There is such a storm, it looks as if the world were coming to an end.
She had never given anyone to understand that she was poorer than the rest, but it was clear that her money had been coming to an end, and at last she could not afford to come any more to the studio.
His student days coming to an end, the years which followed, from 1842 to 1848--Wanderjahre, in which he visited Holland, Italy, Sicily, and the principal towns of Germany--seem to have been the happiest of his life.
Half an hour later, to all intents and purposes, so far as Jerry could or could not comprehend, the world might well have seemed suddenly coming to an end.
Global Banking News-February 5, 2018--Russian central bank says investigation into fraudulent forex companies coming to an end
Boyega, the Star Wars actor, had announced that his holiday in Nigeria was already coming to an end and would be heading back to his US base without a wife.
Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has said the reign of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's family is coming to an end.
With Jio subscription coming to an end and other telecom operators offering free data plans at discounted rates, it is a win-win situation for telecom subscribers in the country.
The fact he wasn't aware that the rent measures are soon coming to an end for the first families, that's a pretty important issue.
Summary: Investment sentiment in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, rose in August, buoyed by signs that the eurozone's recession may be coming to an end, a new survey found on Tuesday.
Despite this calendar system coming to an end, NASA has already declared that the world will not end on Dec.