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Season 2 also continues with the town still coming to grips with the deadly massacres incurred by Christina in her wolf form.
I believe that NBC is coming to grips with the reality that NBC's airing of "City of Heartbreak and Hope" has severely disappointed mainstream Detroit.
Rather than coming to grips with the reasons for this country's fall from grace, the government's principal reaction has been saber rattling.
The first free training session, sponsored by Surestart in Redcar, was held yesterday with around a dozen candidates getting under the bonnet and coming to grips with tyre changes.
A story of coming to grips with ever-evolving changes, "Nine Lives" is an entertaining story of life in a constant state of flux.
Filmmakers are just coming to grips with the question of sustainability.
I guess I'm coming to grips with that, but I still think it's time to buy, not sell, public equity investments.
The former United midfield general is now coming to grips with being a Barclays Premier League manager after spells in charge of Macclesfield and Milton Keynes Dons before joining Blackburn in late June.
Told through the eyes of Anna, a thirty year old woman reflecting upon her life, Autumn Seclusion is a tale of coming to grips with one's hidden fears and blemishes.
Since I read the article, I am coming to grips with my loss and I know that my father is watching over me.
The contents include the poet's 'essays'--usually short--on a wide variety of topics, mainly philosophical, that show Hopkins' coming to grips with his world.
They are the memories of Michael, a 21-year-old who drowned in a sailing accident well before Emily was born, setting her on the search for Michael's family; and her father, who is firm in his religious beliefs, coming to grips with the possibility of reincarnation.