coming together

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Coming Together activities will take place at Oakton's campuses at 1600 E.
It was a whole 'nother power that be so what we can do now is we can start coming together and figuring out our own problems and home solutions.
Coun Ian Swithenbank, policy board member responsible for streetcare and environment at the county council, said: "It is great to see the plans coming together for this area in Amble.
Prior to this, the FA was only able to take retrospective action when none of the match officials had seen the coming together or when the incident was truly exceptional, the report added.
By bringing all the figures together they will represent the coming together of many people into a community.
Life can be viewed as an unquantifiable series of letting go and coming together experiences.
I dream of the days when corporate communication was about the orchestration of words, illustrations, graphics and photography, all coming together to communicate information.
It also illustrates "the simplicity of two or three coming together in Christian mutual love as a vital means of building up relations between divided peoples and communities.
Yet amid the hardship, the young girl learns the steadfast significance of the clan system, the prayers and songs of her brethren, and the importance of coming together in dark times to help one another.
Coming together to remember how we have been torn apart by the impact of fear and also coming together to remember the people who have individually borne the brunt
It is easy to get lost in the details, to miss what is coming together as each individual detail is resolved.