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LGen Bowes: I assumed command back in June of 2015, so it's been two and half years now in this, and I've seen the evolutions go through.
With Strategic Air Command back, there was no longer any reason to not bring back Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command too, by consolidating them with Air Combat Command and Air Mobility Command respectively.
Demonstrate some rudimentary data analytics using Node-Red to trigger events and send command back to our sensor node.
For the voice command feature to work, third party software translates speech into text and sends the command back to the TV.
The prisoners also took the jail captive for over 24 hours before the paramilitary forces, along with the local police, managed to get the command back on Sunday afternoon.
This change will expedite the appeals process and pul the chain of command back in the appeals process.
Expect Baines and Suarez to command back page headlines of real substance in the coming months.
Should War Command back up his blistering display in the Coventry, it will take some performance to lower his colours.
Even so, the find was documented and details passed back to a central chain of command back at the leisure centre.
You've already sent a copy of the motor command back to your brain telling it what you're doing.
You will get your command back when you let heroes like me win this war
The road to FOC culminated roughly according to the timetable prescribed by the secretary of defense when he directed the establishment of the command back in June 2009.

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