command influence

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For fans of detailed legal processes and analysis, including appellate court opinions on issues such as Unlawful Command Influence, a qualified reporter's privilege, and writs of mandamus, Meltdown is replete with informative explanations.
Unlawful command influence (UCI) has rightfully been called the mortal enemy of military justice.
James Pohl reviewed newly disclosed emails and said he found evidence of unlawful command influence in Fort Bragg officials' decision to reject a plea deal before the trial.
Rape Scandal at the Naval Academy A rape scandal involving a female midshipman and several members of the Navy football team led to issues of unlawful command influence in the military justice system - including that of commander-in-chief President Obama, who said he expected "consequences" for alleged inappropriate actions.
This eighth edition incorporates issues raised regarding the government's response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, some activities of the Court of Appeals regarding court-martial practice, including post-trial delays and unlawful command influence.
The survey mentions the names of five hundred personalities from across the world that command influence on account of their role and Muslim faith identity including prominent names from various walks of life such as heads of states, politicians, scientists, social activists, artists, religious scholars and preachers.
It is specifically structured to prevent undue command influence, allowing for unencumbered investigations.
As a result, on 17 September 1971, CID was established as a major Army command and an independent investigative agency designed to be free of command influence at all levels.
But it was enough in this case because Congress wanted the military commissions to avoid even the ''appearance of unlawful command influence.
For instance, the company executed seamless transition for shift changing, generator maintenance, and tasking management, all of which require command influence or supervision.
When this happens, future attempts to troubleshoot the new system are eventually stopped unless strong command influence dictates otherwise.

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