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It does not require knowledge of STN command language or features.
A commander needs a Command Language Mentorship Program that provides a structured environment for the linguist.
Natural language interfaces with databases require far less training than structured command languages and other conventional interfaces, and they can be used rapidly and accurately in situations in which the user needs to access data in unanticipated ways.
The tutorial continued by instructing me to return to the main menu and then outlined a search conducted through the Common Command Language.
In fact, the trend is to introduce an entire command language that allows almost every aspect of the data network, from signal-to-noise ratios to preventing unauthorized use of front panel controls, to be centrally managed.
It loads and exports GDSII data files 5 to 20 times faster than conventional layout tools, offers more robust layout editing capabilities than most high-capacity layout viewers, and provides an extensive library of Tool Command Language (Tcl) extensions for automating data manipulation.
Built-in command language Automatically detects a range of printing languages allowing for seamless transition from competing solutions;
In an effort to maintain an instructor cadre both qualified and relevant in their MOS, the Battalion Command Language Program (CLP) was established in 2013 with a dedicated and localized CLP Manager.
With the ability to connect to multiple hosts simultaneously, the 5040 also comes with USB, serial and parallel interfaces as standard, a 10 million character ribbon and the standard 5040 supports a secure command language, ensuring secure printing transactions.
For example, a teacher could quickly build a user interface to some functions in Maple that help students explore a topic, without the students ever having to know the Maple command language.
com), currently supporting command language requests, but expected to introduce menu access sometime this month.
Its command language lets you save your simulations as macros that can be run repetitively with different values, allowing optimization programs to be performed.

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