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The Maplets package is essentially an extension to the Maple command language.
Designed for QA professionals, MonkeyTalk Command Language is intuitive, readable and easy-to-learn.
It is imperative for RC commanders to establish well-managed command language programs (CLPs) as specified in AR 350-16, Total Army Language Program.
mdl) that are built using DSP Builder/MegaCore([R]) blocks and generates VHDL files and tool command language (Tcl) scripts for synthesis, hardware implementation and simulation.
This allows the developer to rapidly create and modify linker scripts and therefore avoid the need for a detailed understanding of the linker script command language.
SRA-built Spacecraft Command Language provides cost savings, modernization to NASA launch control systems
The SM CLP standard was driven by a market requirement for a common command language to manage a heterogeneous server environment.
The Printer Command Language (PCL) driver enables users to print from a wide range of systems without downloading separate drivers for each output device, reducing a company's total cost of ownership.
The test tool can assess the behavior of an Implementation Under Test (IUT) according to pre-written Tool Command Language (TCL) test scripts based on the test plan.

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