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to Michael Collins, Anti-Federalist support for commandeering would have
If so, they constitute a commandeering of State agencies by the federal government, and are flatly unconstitutional.
No other unit has the capabilities that the shayetet has in boarding and commandeering ships in the middle of the ocean.
WebEngine Blazer has the power in a compact form factor to reliably process and store large volumes of Web content without commandeering expensive facility space.
This leads to a trumped-up crisis and county child services commandeering custody of the girl.
Commandeering an engaging storyline featuring a lively bunch of characters, Pajama Sam first donned his cape and grabbed his flashlight in October 1996 when he set out to face his fear of Darkness in Pajama Sam in No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside.
A Reseda man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to shooting a man, commandeering a bus and leading police on a harrowing downtown chase that ended with a fatal crash.
Due to their own success, commandeering airplanes has now become considerably more difficult, increasing all the more their need to seek out new vulnerabilities - like America's complete lack of antimissile protection.
The ordeal that began in Northridge included the suspect crashing into a parked car in Panorama City, abandoning the van and commandeering another vehicle after tying up a woman and demanding the keys to her car.
On the eve of Socorro ``Cora'' Caro's expected arraignment on murder charges in the slayings of three of her sons, a judge Thursday temporarily barred her lawyer from commandeering any of the family's estate to pay for her defense.
That night began with owner Jack Kent Cooke commandeering the spotlight - as he was wont to do - to giddily inform the crowd of 14,366 that it was ``the happiest day'' of his life.
Campbell is accused of being the inside contact in a ring of seven thieves who carefully planned out commandeering the armored truck on Sept.

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