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that Anti-Federalists must have opposed commandeering is a central
This Article provides the first in-depth analysis of federal demands for confidential state records, demands that I call the commandeering of states' secrets.
NAIROBI: Somali pirates have captured a Greek chemical tanker with 22 sailors and were commandeering it to a hideout in the north of the war-torn country, a maritime official said Wednesday.
Now I know Cherie was upset about those cellulite photos last year, but commandeering a public beach to keep them under wraps is a bit much.
The folk who take their holidays seriously, even down to commandeering every sun bed around the holiday hotel pool, can be counted on to put up a stiff battle on behalf of a prime vacation perk.
The 10th Amendment, however, says nothing about commandeering.
The 1930s witnessed the tactical innovation of commandeering trains to send petition groups to the national capital.
amp; SAN FRANCISCO -- To protect Internet users from online fraudsters and defend the Internet against scammers commandeering network resources, the two most influential global trade associations combating Internet crime have jointly released an explicit new set of Best Practices to combat "phishing," a major cause of online identify theft and fraud.
In this Part, I identify and discuss the two primary harms caused by the commandeering of states' secrets--harms that have been overlooked or misjudged by courts and legal scholars.
Tel Aviv, June 3 (ANI): The Israel Navy will likely choose the same unit - Flotilla (Shayetet) 13 - to lead a commandeering operation of the ships expected to try to break the sea blockade of Gaza later this week, the Jerusalem Post quoted defense officials, as saying on Wednesday.
Fixing an injured joint could become a matter of commandeering fat.
We can just about deal with them digging up parts of our playing square, but commandeering all those balls was just too much.

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