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It is easy to preposition our assets, given our country is small so we really need to prioritize commandership.
He thanked the lecturers, the teaching staff and the college commandership for the efforts exerted during the session.
I attach as much importance to improving the citizens' living conditions as I do to safeguarding their spiritual well-being and to consolidating the Moroccan model for the management of the religious domain", said the Sovereign in a speech delivered this Wednesday on the 15th throne day anniversary, noting that this "distinct model is the result of the thorough reforms we have introduced over the last fifteen years to promote and revamp the religious domain based on the Commandership of the Faithful as a frame of reference and on the Maliki rite".
Common sense would suggest that prosecutors cannot prosecute the prosecutors who shift commandership from liberation to corruption.
The younger Kim inherited the supreme commandership of the military, the Korean People's Army, in late December following Kim Jong Il's death of a heart attack on Dec.
Comrade Kim Jong Un, please assume the supreme commandership, as wished by the people," the paper said.
Meanwhile, the ministry's six-a-side soccer tournament final is set for today at 7pm when Commandership take on Customs team at the Public Security's Officers Club grounds in Gudaibiya.
Affairs of the Kurdistan Peshmarga have been run by two high commandership boards belonging to the Kurdish governing parties, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).
Summary: King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, reiterated his keenness to "shoulder the responsibilities of the Commandership of the Faithful - a mission entrusted to me by the Almighty - particularly those concerning religious affairs.
Subsequently, in 1933, though the DL confiscated his commandership without assigning any reasons.
In this story, the Master Tripitaka's assumption of the commandership is preceded by his dismissal of his disciples, Pigsy and Sandy, without due cause, and his order that his other disciple, Monkey, should not come to bother him.
A farewell ceremony was held for the soldier in Gendarmerie Commandership.

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