commanding position

See: priority
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But when the victorious Romans brought with them the heavy solid fortifications impregnable to the weapons of the time, its commanding position alone ensured its adequate building and equipment.
He stood before the fire, partly because it was a cool spring afternoon, though the sun shone; partly because the shade of Stone Lodge was always haunted by the ghost of damp mortar; partly because he thus took up a commanding position, from which to subdue Mrs.
To what extent she was insensibly influenced by Hardyman's commanding position in believing herself to be sincerely attached to him, it was beyond her power of self-examination to discover.
A brilliant though wilful representative of Tudor chivalry, and distinguished in war, Surrey seems to have occupied at Court almost the same commanding position as Sir Philip Sidney in the following generation.
A common woman finding herself placed in a commanding position might have formed the design to become the second Mrs.
Cluppins, after a careful survey of Master Bardell's buttons and the button-holes to which they severally belonged, placed him on the floor of the court in front of his mother--a commanding position in which he could not fail to awaken the full commiseration and sympathy of both judge and jury.
Even then I only supposed that he had posted himself outside in some more commanding position. I took a catlike stride and breathed his name.
The veteran (breathing very hard over it) steadied himself on both elbows against the slanting top of the bureau, and from that commanding position addressed Magdalen once more.
DAN RICHARDSON took a hat-trick as Staffordshire moved into a commanding position going into the final day of their Minor Counties Championship clash against Lincolnshire at West Bromwich Dartmouth.
'We have an alliance for the by-polls in Ghotki with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) and we are in commanding position,' he concluded.
Summary: Syrian rebels held onto a commanding position in a mountain range in the coastal province of Latakia
They serve a niche market, in which they hold a commanding position, A strong customer base and dedication to service has allowed them to expand their coverage across a wide swath of the US.
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