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Peter Adams is back as the Ghost of Christmas Present, again filling the role with commandingly imparted mirth.
It is probably why when a second new ball was available with Warwickshire commandingly placed on 289-6, they shied away from it.
a weak president," Newton argues Ike was "certain, resolute, and, though respectful of his advisers, commandingly their boss.
To say that the book synthesizes and caps its critical tradition is not to stint its originality, but merely to say that it has marshaled all the possible elements of the field so commandingly that there is no need for a sequel in the same paradigm.
Errani picked up a solitary game to make it 5-1, but she was helpless to stop Stosur, who commandingly took the set 6-1 in an absolute shock-and-awe performance.
Again I tried to look over the woman who had commandingly led me by the hand like a little boy.
Drawing from her own decades-past experience of having worked on a small track, Gordon commandingly relays the story of a raffish band of rapscallions, dreamers and schemers all, veritable slaves to the promise of easy money; a grim and gritty story evoking as much the dissipation of a gambler's life as it does the violent vicissitudes of intimate and profligate relationships; a story weaving terrible moments, like kidnapping, murder, and rape; a story singing of a singular battle-scarred nobility; a story as darkly layered as the American dream and nightmare.
Among the best is a commandingly still Egyptian baboon (c.
By contrast, Tharanga announced himself by carving Tim Bresnan's off-side width for an early four and then advancing to cover Graeme Swann's spin and hit him commandingly straight for six.
In 1963, as a sophomore in high school, I had a Social Studies teacher named William Miller who had a commandingly intense method of teaching, one that had the authority of Abraham Lincoln, whom he resembled.
Command and body language - creating a physical presence that is uniquely and commandingly yours - including stature, the significance of eye contact and even effective greetings
Starting at 5pm local time, the race starts in daylight and finishes under floodlights Course winner taking part S Vettel Last year Lewis Hamilton led commandingly until brake failure put him out of the race.

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