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Private John H Andrews |(Rifle Brigade & commemorated at Shirley).
As happens every year, since the sixties of the last century, this tragedy of Welsh history is commemorated in a ceremony held in Cilmeri on the Saturday nearest to December 11th, which is December 6th this year.
The three-day exhibition also featured coins that commemorated the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, among others which the exhibitors insisted should be preserved for posterity.
Although English myself, I think Welsh events should be commemorated like Owain Glyndwer's parliament or the inauguration of our Welsh Assembly.
The parade also commemorated the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and brought back to mind what life was under the so-called communist regime in Eastern Europe.
SIR - Now that November 11 has passed and we have commemorated those who lost their lives for Britain, I would like to remind everyone of a commemoration date yet to come.
The celebration commemorated a rich history of groundbreaking projects worldwide as well as the basic principles the firm was founded on; collaboration of minds and devotion to building solutions at the highest level.
From the lighting in Switzerland of 8,000 candies laid out in the shape of Africa, the ringing of bells for 60 seconds in Israel to masses and vigils in churches around the world, nations commemorated World AIDS Day, Dec.
In Canada, for example, faithful of both the Eastern-rite Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church have commemorated their national holocaust every year for decades.
The Wright Brothers' first flight is commemorated this weekend at the California Science Center.
By labeling it a holy day, he makes the defeat a day to be commemorated, one that will be ritually remembered again and again through the agency of the calendar.
McCormick Company commemorated its 75th anniversary on August 2nd with simultaneous celebrations in each of its four offices.