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Minister Davis said it is the first time a national commemoration has recognised the New Zealand Wars, which led to the loss of 3000 lives across the country.
John Bulalacao, PNP spokesperson, said they have coordinated with the local government unit of Quezon City in ensuring that no protests will be approved and conducted during the EDSA commemoration activities from 9 a.
30 as a regular holiday in commemoration of Rizal's life and works.
Summary: They observe a minute of silence to mark Commemoration Day
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 6 (ANI): In commemoration of the invigorating speech delivered by Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of Religion, Chicago, America in the year 1893, Vivekananda Kendra, Delhi will be celebrating Universal Brotherhood (UB) Day on September 10.
This study of collective memory and commemoration examines partisan politics and political party discourse within the Portuguese parliament during its annual commemoration of the April 1974 revolution.
RAMALLAH, May 11, 2017 (WAFA) -- Nationalist and political figures Thursday slammed Hamas for not allowing Nakba commemoration in the Gaza Strip.
On this day of mourning, Cambodian-Americans in Long Beach will organize a commemoration to pay their respects and remember the three million victims who perished in the brutal Khmer Rouge communist regime of 1975-1978.
com/wednesday-december-7-2016/#atterbury) official website for the commemoration day gave out the full schedule of the ceremonies to be held Wednesday.
THE catering bill for the outdoor day of commemoration for the Battle Of The Somme was [euro]35,385, it has been revealed.
Though the Babi Yar 75th anniversary commemoration events in Kiev are slated to continue for at least another four days and the German government's own program of activities has yet to begin, the final and signature events of the weeklong commemoration took place on Thursday.
This state is not the Republic proclaimed in 1916 and current efforts to pretend that it is are an insult to the men who lie here," said Gerry Adams, leader of the country's third largest party Sinn Fein, at a rival commemoration event on Friday at the grave of some of the rebels.