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Addressing the martyrs' day commemorators gathering, Dr Qadri resolved that he would continue his fight against tyrant and oppressor.
1) However, when official commemorators are, well, officials--elected or appointed representatives of the government--there can be little doubt that the memories being presented as guidance for an audience's future are consistent with the state's current and/or future needs (Kammen 1991).
Some years ago the Knesset debated a "Naqba Law" that would have sent commemorators to prison for three years.
In the first phase, from 1918 to the 1930s, the White interpretation prevailed over the Red, and commemorators made wide use of monuments, which "house memories in a durable fashion, anchoring the transient and variable nature of memory itself" (Zelizer, 1995, p.
The rule is never speak ill of the dead, but the obituarists [sic] and commemorators [sic] who wrote about Ginsberg upon his death could not have broken the rule even if they had wanted to, since they could see no ill in him to speak of at all" (52).