commence again

See: reopen
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Huntingdon commence again the game of teaching the child to hate and despise his mother, and emulate his father's wickedness - I will yet deliver my son from his hands.
The question now is whether speculative office development will commence again in the city?
e school ended on July 14 and will commence again in September.
We may never have a Derby winner again trained by G McKenna or S Graham, and that breaks the hardest of hearts, but there is huge greyhound history with those still involved - so let battle commence again.
The trial of 20 journalists, including nine Al Jazeera reporters, is scheduled to commence again on Wednesday after being postponed on 21 February.
Once the decision has been made as to how the new HET will be formulated, then the work will commence again.
Training will commence again after the new year break as follows Juniors - King David School, Childwall, 4.
It takes a while once construction stops for it to commence again and then to finish.
Thereafter, the days lengthened until June 20, when the annual cycle could commence again.
Aspire's contribution has enabled Construction of the hospital to commence again and is expected for completion in November 2012.
The company owners have got new funding partners on board plus the original contractor has been offered shared ownership of the project to enable work to commence again.