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In addition, TKH has the option right to buy in 2015 the international sales organisations of Commend in the USA, UK, France, Spain and Italy, as well as a 49% stake in Commend Australia.
Again, I commend the authors on their efforts, but I wish they would consider offering more than a short-term fix to a problem that is embedded in the life experience of young people.
I commend Peter Ackroyd's book, Albion--the origins of the English imagination, to all those who love the English.
AMONG APPROVED resolutions from the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee was a motion to commend for widespread distribution the HIV/AIDS document from the Council of the Anglican Provinces in Africa and the Anglican primates meeting in Canterbury oil HIV/AIDS.
For your courage and your commitment, we commend you and echo your motto, "Go for the green
Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice, said, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.
Commend, a worldwide leader and supplier of security and communication systems, and Genetec , a top provider of unified IP security solutions, declared a strategic technology collaboration.
Although these provisions will not directly benefit TEI's members, we commend the Treasury Department for seeking to simplify the tax law.