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Commendably, the group s external net indebtedness has reduced by 40% .
Innovation and commitment are at the forefront of Abu Dhabi's push for excellence in health care and the emirate is approaching this mission in commendably diverse ways.
Mukherjee said: "The Indian Air Force has been commendably executing its mandate of protecting the Indian skies and safeguarding the sovereignty of our nation.
STEVE CARELL is back at his best by playing it commendably straight as Trent, the boyfriend of Pam (Toni Collette) who takes her nerdy 14-year-old son Duncan (Liam James) on holiday with them in the warm and funny coming of age tale.
You'll recognise some of the people you know in the film's various characters, especially the unlucky-in-love human rotunda, Matt, played commendably straight by comedian Patton Oswalt.
0-litre engine, it has commendably low emissions of 134g/km and meagre thirst of 55.
These are invariably high ranking senior officers who, while commendably well schooled in matters of race relations, presentation and budget control etc, often lack recent experience in confrontation and the tactics of confrontation.
RFC chief executive Rod Street, a man blessed with a commendably deep well of enthusiasm, will hopefully strike gold somewhere along the line, but it will not be via the team championship, regardless of how many times focus group members have apparently said "Er, yeah, sounds quite good".
You've certainly picked up the attitudes of your adopted nation commendably.
I think when Sir Stuart retires as MP the most important thing he will be remembered for will be the Child Abuse inquiry in the 1980s when he represented the wider public commendably.
Diction under Neil Ferris, an exciting young conductor making his full-scale debut with the choir, was commendably clear, and Jenni Crawford took solos originally intended for boy soprano with appealing presence.
But Americans' pride in their commendably low cholesterol levels is muted by the knowledge that it was achieved not through prudent lifestyle changes but by popping high-priced pills.