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Its origins are difficult to trace, with some referring to Roman notions of the fidelicommissio (the functional equivalent of the modern trust), and related concepts of fiducia and commendatio.
It also shows the saints whom the Liturgy invokes in the commendatio animae (commendation of the soul): St.
Servilius Vatia Isauricus, reiterating an earlier in-person commendatio of her res, nomina, and possessions Asiaticae (Fam.
Es el caso sobre todo de la confidentia beneficialis (100) la commendatio (101).
52) Con respecto a la practica de la commendatio, Elizabeth Deniaux afirma que <<la etimologia de la palabra commendare, 'poner en la mano (manus)', o se commendare, 'confiarse uno mismo en la mano', de hecho se refiere al gesto (estrechar las manos derechas, data dextera), por la cual se simbolizaba una solicitud de asistencia y proteccion>>.
Hierdie resensieartikel is aanvanklik as 'n commendatio gelewer by die bekendsteHing van hierdie bundel.
This volume provides the modern liturgical historian a unique opportunity to study the chants for processions, the commendatio animae (commendation of the soul), and the profession of nuns for an English Franciscan house.
See Karl Stuber, Commendatio animae: Sterben im Mittelalter (Bern: Herbert Lang, 1976) 27.
The first item in the manuscript is part of the Commendatio Animae (item 9) on vellum, which has been removed from its original location at the end of the manuscript and used for binding.
The inspiring Old Testament narratives of the deliverance of Susanna and Daniel are formally rehearsed in the commendatio animae: the liturgical ritual for the dying.
Die samesteller, Wium van Zyl, se commendatio by die toekenning van die ereburgerskap van Ladismith aan Abraham H.