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COMMENDATION. The act of recommending, praising. A merchant who merely commends goods he offers for sale, does not by that act warrant them, unless there is some fraud: simplex commendatio non obligat.

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The commendation praises the Australians unrelenting perseverance and unfailing devotion to duty and their actions are in the finest traditions of the ADF.
So as Kenyans try to get to terms with the President's generosity of dishing commendations like Father ChristmasWe turn our attention to the rising number of road accidents happening all over the country NTSA normally would not get airtime on #TheRaverend's column, but Yo
A recipient of the commendation himself, blogger Dennis Itumbi recognised that the Nasa digital team were deserving of the honour for their great use of social media and technology during the campaign season.
The post Cypriot employee receives British Bases commendation award appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Foreign Minister's Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields, in order to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries and areas.
Omega Healthcare was declared the winner of this year's Special Commendation after an exhaustive selection process and scrutiny of applications by the awards jury under the chairmanship of Justice M.
PCs Phil Sekowski and Tony Harrison with their commendations
Commendation conferment ceremony will be held at the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan later this year where the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan will confer the commendation to Pakistan Haiku Society on behalf of the Foreign Minister of Japan.
Katie Robbshaw, Cancer Research UK event manager for Wales, praised Nick after awarding him his Flame of Hope special commendation during the Race for Life event in Haverfordwest at the weekend.
Steve has done particularly well to be named among the top 51 site managers across the country to receive this commendation.
Deputy Commandant Group Captain Greg Hammond presents Senior Aircraftswoman Charlotte Killeen with the Air Command Deputy Commanders Commendation for her work organising forces swimming championships
Winning a commendation for ensemble work really has been the cherry on the cake," he said.