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IN COMMENDAM. The state or condition of a church living, which is void or vacant, and it is commended to the care of some one. In, Louisiana, there is a species of partnership called a partnership in commendam. Vide Commendam.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The SSP has announced cash and commendatory certificates for the team.
Leggatt's "survey of the self-presentation of the playwright" (139) details not only how playwrights' names on title pages "become increasingly common" after the 1590s (131), but also the rise of "a community of writers who know each other's work and are prepared to support each other" through commendatory verses (132).
The usually explanatory or commendatory concluding remarks to a poem, essay, or book; specifically, a short, fixed final stanza of a poem (such as a ballade) pointing the moral and usually addressing the person to whom the poem is written.
The CTO said cash reward and commendatory certificates would be awarded to those traffic officials who perform their duties with responsibility, adding that the DSPs and sector in-charges have also been directed to issue continuous instructions for maintaining a smooth traffic flow during rains.
Civil Lines SP (Investigation) Asim Iftikhar has announced commendatory certificates for the policemen for solving the blind murder mystery.
He directed the employees to work with honesty, adding that cash prizes and commendatory certificates would be given to hard working employees.
SSP Investigation Awais Ahmad has announced commendatory certificates for the raiding teams.
He said the school administration also announced prizes and commendatory certificates for the winning students.
SSP Investigation Mubashhir Mekan has announced cash reward and commendatory certificates for the raiding police team.
Director General Wildlife Khalid Ayaz Khan has appreciated the excellent performance of the team and announced to award commendatory certificates.
Behn, despite her own demurrals, is credited with an equally respectable set of intellectual influences; Chernaik deals well with her imitation of Tasso's "Golden Age" and the commendatory poem she writes for Creech's De Natura Rerum.
Addressing the cash and commendatory certificates' distribution ceremony among the police officials who recovered Meerab at Central Police Office, he said they effectively used the latest technology with professional excellence to recover the child from Hafizabad, and handed her over safely to her family.