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TEI commends the Treasury Department for the issuance of the much improved regulations, particularly--
The Allied Pilots Association commends the court's decision to return Captain Lepore's and First Officer Paladino's passports and permit them to return to the United States.
Drug Czar John Walters Commends Program's Innovative Approach to Drug Prevention
Cooper Power Systems commends the state of Iowa for approving legislation encouraging utilities to take advantage of all of the safety, environmental and economic benefits that soy-based transformer fluids offer.
B) commends the Federal Communication Commission for its historic decision today to expand the rules of Ultra-Wideband.
Frost & Sullivan's recent study, titled North American Hosted IP Telephony and VoIP Access Services Market, commends M5 Networks Inc.
It also commends the company's successful sales entry, customer acquisition, and service strategies, and the degree to which these strategies have met customer needs and requirements.