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18) According to this interpretation, incommensurability is not simply our inability to discern metrical or ordinal commensurability.
209) Because [section] 112 is statutorily calibrated to the level of skill in the art, (210) commensurability grounded in that section will apply to entire fields of technology.
Native title anthropologists in heavily settled parts of Australia are, I argue, caught in a paradox of being equipped to address the commensurability of meaning systems, while feeling often constrained to consider ourselves as purveyors of empirical facts and empirically-grounded arguments particularly about interpretations of the past.
1 is introduced as a guideline for the classification of energy efficiency, providing processors with commensurability.
Among the topics are the ergodic theory of hyperbolic groups, harmonic maps and integrable systems, left-orderability and exceptional Dehn surgery on two-bridge knots, the commensurability of knots and L2-unvariants, the number of hyperbolic 3-manifolds of a given volume, and 3-manifolds with Heegaard splittings of distance two.
Their meta-analysis, however, is plagued by the same problems of commensurability confronting cross national comparisons of spiral of silence research.
To curtail claim scope, patent law employs a commensurability principle: the scope of an inventor's claim should remain proportional to the contribution that an inventor makes to technological progress.
Specifically, I would argue for a heightened emphasis on a love of the local, which might improve the commensurability of place, experience, and the goals of sustainability education.
71) The work of both Derrida and Lindbeck shares a humanitarian concern that involves commitment to human dignity and integrity and shares with Wittgenstein the hope for an "overlap" of language games, of an ultimate interhuman commensurability.
11) As I will show through comparison with Scott's Waverley, Austen ultimately aims at large-scale, theoretically unlimited networks of commensurability and accessibility--"approaches," to use her term.
The simulations we have carried out in the Data Processing Center of the UCM indicate that 2000 SN331 does not have 1:1 commensurability with Uranus, but Crantor does, which means it orbits the Sun in exactly the same time period as the planet," Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, one of the authors of the study, explained to SINC.
Something Rogue': Commensurability, Commodification, Crime, and Justice in Toni Morrison's Later Fiction.