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This Section examines three such features: commensurability
Metaphors do not require an explicit act of equation to establish the fact of commensurability between two articulated terms.
Through utilizing a C/I perspective and relying on an organic worldview, this research proposes that points of divergence reflect incommensurabilities while points of convergence reflect commensurability in communication.
(63) Glock, en "Relativism Commensurability and Translatibity", analiza el argumento davidsoniano contra el relativismo conceptual basado en la tesis de la diversidad de esquemas conceptuales, mostrando que su conclusion no es correcta, porque sus otras premisas relativas a la intraducibilidad de los lenguajes basados en esquemas conceptuales diferentes, no es correcta.
Studying the strong demands imposing element of procedural autonomy law should not thus be restricted to explicit comments on adequacy of commensurability. It appears appropriate also to consider (other) conclusions seemingly made on the basis of the principles of effectiveness and equivalence but which are not logical deductions from the wordings of those principles as instances of interesting significant demands.
A teoria do flogisto e exemplar a Kuhn (2000) para explicar a possibilidade de compreender e tornar compreensivel uma narrativa historica de uma teoria ultrapassada, em seu texto Commensurability, comparability, communicability.
Thus, this study investigates the impact of the fit between OVs and WVs on happiness at work, with the nominal commensurability between the WV and OV dimensions being empirically tested on the basis of second-order dimensions.
Tuori argues against radical legal pluralism and for interlegality, a concept borrowed from the work of Boaventura de Sousa Santos, which he sees as making possible an understanding of the commensurability of different legal orders.
No matter how different the Chinese poetics is from Western poetics in basic concepts or approaches, there is common ground for them--the pursuit of aesthetic nature, which could be viewed as the "commensurability" as pursued by comparatists.
Consumers perceive price discounts and extra free product promotions differently because of the commensurability of the units of the promotion with the product's price [13143].
It should be noted that specific requirements are imposed to FCD applied on such autonomous objects as sea drilling platforms at commensurability of the loading powered via semiconductor converters with a lack of circuit's neutral conductor (isolated neutral system), an instability of electric power circuit key parameters, etc.
Considering that the ontological and epistemological commitments define the methodological criteria, the procedures, the type of measures employed, as well as the nature of the theoretical representations proposed or chosen to approximate the phenomena, the eventual commensurability and comparability of data from the light of different psychological perspectives will depend on the similarity of their ontological and epistemological commitments.