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However, the infringer is charged with a constructive debt to the patentee under the commensurability principle: had he known about and read the earlier patent, then he would have learned how to make and use the disclosed technology.
Accordingly, the commensurability with which they flirt remains ungrounded and unexplained.
I Will argue here that commensurability and comparability(6) are not (or are not only) properties of sets of values or reasons that do or do not obtain.
Standardizing, as noted, is the enactment of activities designed to promote uniformity, stability and commensurability of professional thought, meaning, actions and outcomes.
If commensurability does indeed exist, a resolution of the hate speech controversy that maximizes the sum of the civic dignity of the parties is a worthy objective, as is a resolution that lexically privileges any components of civic dignity that might be regarded as at the core of the concept.
In order to achieve commensurability, (1) similarity and equivalence are acknowledged; (2) comparison and communication are always possible, with sufficient effort to understand and (3) exploring the incommensurable--"commensurability unfolds itself in this process of explanation and interpretation"(ibid, p.
In his obduracy he turns a blind eye not only to questions of commensurability and efficacy, but also to pertinent Biblical notions of social justice and redemption.
Thus, the logic of the derivative implies a new kind of commensurability.
Based on the content of sustainable development and the principles of establishing the index system, which are scientific, serviceability, commensurability, absolutely and relative index union, we elect 16 index, concrete index system as follows (Yang, 2002; Hu, 2000):
Green rightly observes, there are "two very different concepts of equality, one being a mathematical concept meaning identity, sameness, and interchangeability, and the other being a social and metaphysical concept meaning commensurability in value of importantly differing, non-interchangeable persons.
To deal with the issue of commensurability, we relied on content validation in which multiple coders determined if instruments were similar by conducting a thorough item analysis and ensuring the instrument is consistent with Hofstede's model of culture and is compatible with the different versions of Hofstede's VSM (Hofstede 1982).
The wealth of recent theorizing on the politics of medical pluralism, globalization and hybridity make it curious that the analysis in this book leans so heavily on notions of cross-cultural commensurability rooted in conceptualizations of culture as symbolic forms.