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The commensurability argument might be doubted, however, because the main philosophically distinctive concern about commensurability is that values are incommensurable, and treating them as commensurable may do violence to our moral intuitions.
The state-as-capital turns the welfare subject into a capitalist abstraction --a commensurable, measurable and exchangeable product.
It can be argued that, in News from Nowhere and The Dawn of All, organization of time is commensurable with Morris's socialist persuasions and Benson's religious creed and may be considered a desirable close of history.
It is truer, because it does, at least, recognize the fact that human goals are many, not all of them commensurable, and in perpetual rivalry with one another.
56) The negative approach is preferable because it "gives sentencers more room to attend to the concrete particularities of the crime, without worrying about rendering it commensurable with all other crimes in terms of its seriousness, and to choose between a wider range of penalties, without worrying about rendering them all commensurable in terms of their severity.
Altitude of chimneys on TPS in the various countries according to (KopoTaeBa 2004) depending on power from 80 m up to 320 m it is necessary to note, that the altitude of chimneys and cooling towers in some cases can be commensurable.
Collier has no doubt that the best way for an LDC government to maximise its bargaining power is to require competition between rival resource extraction companies - even if these companies might prefer to deal with LDC governments through secret, one-on-one negotiations or by offering packages which are not commensurable with other offers.
Any attempt to match up Derrida's metonymous play with terminology such as ' chora' and its very specific contexualization with the text of Timaeus presumes that there is a real way to make Derrida's post-modern semiotic project commensurable with Plato's cosmological account.
To choose an act which in itself simply (or primarily) damages a basic good is thereby to engage oneself willy-nilly (but directly) in an act of opposition to an incommensurable value (an aspect of human personality) which one treats as if it were an object of measureable worth that could be outweighed by commensurable objects of greater (or cumulatively greater) worth.
of values are measurable, are measured, and can be made commensurable,
Each individual's physical and intellectual effort, subjective and not commensurable, makes desirable the service that a good renders to its demander.