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Varian, supra note 79, at 97-102 (demonstrating that utility functions can model the substitution between two commensurable goods).
Let us assume that A and B are somewhat commensurable.
As in economic government, in Gain these interests are made commensurable with the singular "public interest," the balance of what is best for all "stakeholders" in a global economy of gains and losses.
A number of these artists not only were attracted to the vernacular crafts manifested everywhere around them but regularly invested a commensurable portion of their own identities in the active pursuits of their non-artist neighbors, cultivating the same skills and submitting to the same demands and risks in the surf lineup, at the drag strip, or on the dirt track.
In Part 1 Marx initially leaves surplus-value and exploitation out of his argument to develop a theory of the commodity from value's simple form (an exchange between two commodities' use-values) to forms where the wide diversities of use-values are rendered commensurable, through to their general exchangeability via the money commodity (Callinicos, 2009: 28).
Due to this, the residual stress may vary at a distance commensurable with the distance between cooling jets.
The two newest EU Member States remain commensurable to the other Balkan countries in terms of economic state, quality of life, level of democracy and state governance, according to the so-called Catch-up Index, prepared by experts of the Open Society Institute.
Moreover, Fuji has managed to decrease its debt, while establishing an earnings base commensurable with its rating, the agency said.
23) In speaking of the attributes or characteristics that are common to the referents of a concept, or to the dimensions on which they are commensurable, Rand is not treating them as realist universals.
It is truer, because it does, at least, recognize the fact that human goals are many, not all of them commensurable, and in perpetual rivalry with one another.
However, they are bulky because their width is commensurable with the length.