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harms into commensurable and incommensurable varieties, and it
As long as our theories of contemporary world literature continue to rely on conceptions of modernity and modernism, that, if not drawn directly from European models, are through criticism made commensurable with them, world literature will flatter the position of a particular reader.
If the two forms of welfare are not commensurable, then they are incommensurable.
Our modeling process equalizes all of that, creating a truly commensurable comparative platform.
This is a major assumption of positivist perspectives that consider that reality is separated from its observer and is commensurable. This is one of many possible truths, the reality of an atomistic ontology, but clearly not the only one.
In the limiting case (in the sense of shell theory) when the period is commensurable with the time when an elastic wave passes a distance equal to the thickness of the shell, there is no two-dimensional theory that describes correctly the vibrations of the shell at the beginning of wave motion.
Among their topics are integral distances: commensurable angles, hull formation: separability, Helly's theorem: transversal problems for ovals, covering problems, point set geometry and convexity, realization of distances, simple paradoxes involving point sets, additional theorems of Helly type, and pure combinatorics: graphs.
Emerging creative industries and related research efforts are a case of creativity studies, which has experienced collaboration with social sciences and the humanities as well as the fate of commensurable segregation.
Other chronic complications are also traditionally thought to occur with glycaemic levels commensurable with the diagnosis of diabetes.
The power of frequencies [[omega].sub.1] and [[omega].sub.p] are commensurable but essentially lesser than the powers corresponding to frequencies [[omega].sub.3] and [[omega].sub.2].
The resonant antenna is usually commensurable in size with the design wavelength.
Basic requirements for the use of methods such as expert groups, representative focus groups or deliberative approaches--besides biophysical and economic valuation--should be standardised to allow for commensurable outcomes as a prerequisite for further application and integration into planning processes.