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The problem, as we have shown, is that DFAS's costs do not commensurably change when the quantity demanded changes.
People's health-care needs increase with age, and the proportion of private and public expenditure required to meet them climbs commensurably.
Insofar as the future is a place of increasing separatism, the need for this understanding will commensurably increase.
TQM-based controls--on process variation, defects, rework, delays, and complaints--shrink the armies of inspectors and controllers, and the need for internal transactions and reports drops commensurably.
Given that tighter monetary policies are usually run in the beginning of a recession, it appears plausible to view the severity and length of a stabilisation exercise as inversely related: in the latest episode, the process of disinflation was slow because of the relatively shallow downturn in activity so that the recession had to last commensurably longer to break inflation expectations and to get inflation out of the economic system.
Standard theory implies, in effect, that added complexity is always matched by commensurably more sophisticated decision strategies on part of the typical agent.
It became a cliche - take any old piece of crap lying about, paint all over it, and sell it back at some commensurably inflated price to those whose very sense of value is predicated on refusal.
If prospective employers of contingent workers know that they will be required to offer those workers additional benefits, then they might offer commensurably lower wages to compensate for the anticipated cost of non-pecuniary compensation.
The colleges do not provide research tracks for their lecturers and students, and their budgets are limited commensurably.
This substitution or blending would be motivated by the relative rarity of Yemeni coffees and the commensurably high price they obtain (this is another similarity with the currently controversial origin of Kona).
While assuming that the employer requires the employee to purchase a base package may sound unusual it is really no different than an employer providing its employees with a base package and then paying commensurably reduced wages (a fairly common practice according to Enthoven [1990]).