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Al-Hadithi said in a press statement that "the proportion of the Kurdistan region will change, commensurate with the number of its population, compared to the population of Iraq, and to ensure a fair distribution of the country's wealth.
Ang hinihintay ng tao, ano bang positibong aksyon aside from meting out the appropriate or commensurate punishment?
While award fee arrangements should be structured to motivate excellent contractor performance, award fees must be commensurate with contractor performance over a range from satisfactory to excellent performance.
Performing physical activity requires a sufficient knowledge base and a commensurate level of education and skill to avoid hazardous and even deadly lifestyles to an employee's health.
Nursing: (Nursing Science) The Science of irreducible human and environmental energy fields arrived at by a synthesis of facts and ideas commensurate with a new world view, an organized system of abstract knowledge: a new product.
There was no commensurate increase in birth rates after World War I or any other American war because there were no commensurate policies creating upward mobility among the young.
In 1959 Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg) is a college grad who can't find work commensurate with her talent or training, and so she ends up taking a job as a nanny for widower and commercial jingle writer Manny Singer (Ray Liotta) and his cute daughter, Molly (Tina Majorino).
With a higher temperature where heat can be made available, a commensurate amount of live steam can be replaced.
Major banks are increasingly moving to adjust their corporate lending rates to levels commensurate with the degree of borrowers' creditworthiness, banking officials said Thursday.
Something more realistic is needed: a way of compensating producers commensurate with their vital role in keeping business on the books.
Baker offered in Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance (1987) an alternative approach commensurate to the distinctive character of Afro-American expressive culture and its unique history.
367(d)(2)(C) would treat the transfer as a sale contingent on productivity, specifying that the income stream from the deemed sale must be commensurate with the income attributable to the intangible and treating it as U.