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However, the stallions' average book size has increased commensurately.
When people do well, they want to be recognized and rewarded commensurately with the value they have delivered.
In contrast, the Internal Revenue Service has historically been hesitant to make use of whistleblowers, who have thus had commensurately limited effect on revenue collection.
Here, the brief is for a weekend house on a beachfront site, which might suggest a sybaritic vision of lotus-eating excess and a commensurately indulgent architectural response.
Commensurately attractive privileges are under review of implementation such as a bi-annual publication of top five "league table" and the introduction of non-competitive bid options of exercising call-options on the KTBs, at the awarded yield to competitive bidders, in two to three days after the auction.
As a result, the dollar may have to fall by commensurately still larger amounts to shrink the trade deficit.
The people in the top tier are obviously the best, and should be rewarded commensurately, and should also be given more challenging work.
Regions with more cardiac catheterization laboratory capacity had a commensurately more intensive invasive management style," they said (JAMA 2005;293:1329-37).
Nonparticipating physicians performed a commensurately smaller percentage of services.
Commensurately modest, Jaeger gives herself no credit.
Whereas threats to the national interest are commensurately unambiguous and objectively identifiable;