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As noted by D'Agostino (2003), the philosophical debate has largely ignored the important sociological discussions about commensuration as a social phenomenon.
(62) In the domain of morally significant choice, none of the features of the technical domain, such as quantifiability and commensuration of costs and benefits, are present.
11), imitating such norms or forms is an ongoing process of embodied commensuration and calibration --one that is aurally mediated and orally achieved.
However, the achievement is not in commensuration with the endeavour the nation has made since independence.
From policy and regulation point of view, there is no duty on import of solar panels but there is duty on import of Solar batteries and Inverters and AEDB's lot of efforts are being used in exercise of commensuration ( in what ratio panels, inverters and batteries in a system) rather putting effort on quality and standardization of Solar Industry and they are trying their best to get rid of low quality solar panels are being imported and there is no regulation to keep check on quality rather the check is on what proportion the solar components being imported.
Quantity as commensuration is the suppression of quality as differentiation, in the same sense that the masculine position is the denial of the feminine.
However, commensuration effects arise when trying to divide the 100 wires into 6 or 8 sectors.
Table 3 indicates the KABC-II scores for children in grades K-3rd are below the average range and are also showing commensuration with a mean FCI of 82, a mean NVI of 84, and a mean MPI of 84.
Such were their spiritual qualities, which were lofty in commensuration with their (individual) capacities, and in accord with the path of practice to which they were facilitated by virtue of the grace of their knowledge of Allah Most High, such that they occupied themselves in perpetual devotional works in line with the loftiness of their state.
DIPESH CHAKRABARTY: But it's not so much a question of commensurating the incommensurable, but of juxtaposing them in such a way that the possibility of commensuration is actually resistant.
On the one hand, there is 'econo-juridical satisfaction' (5), a 'principle of commensuration' (3) arising from the need to calculate whether one had 'done enough' to compensate for sin.
In public decision-making and policy, value conflicts and incommensurability have been addressed from a pluralistic perspective with a focus on how deliberation may intelligently cope with conflicts without concealing or suppressing them by commensuration (Aldred, 2006; Ferreiro et al., 2013; Foster, 1997; Martinez-Alier, 1998; Munda, 2004; O'Neill et al., 2008; Thacher and Rein, 2004; Trainor, 2006).