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This poses important problems of commensuration of neo-liberal principles.
Naisargi Dave, "Indian, Lesbian and What Came Next: Affect, Commensuration and Queer Emergences" American Ethnologist 38 No.
This paper intensively analyses a problem of factors commensuration problem--detection of possibilities which determine how much the change of one factor amount (unit) varies in terms of other factor certain amount (number of units), when it is attempted to retain the same weight of multicriteria function.
We have here a notion of mode as measure in the sense of a prerequisite commensuration or proportion.
Principlism is a form of commensuration, although not as pure a form as money or utility, and not as commensurable as some critics would like.
There is a need to declare education emergency in the country followed by formulation of viable education reforms compatible to the needs and demands as well as commensuration with the social and societal structures of the country.
The Ambassador while conveying the President and government of Indonesias sympathies and commensuration on the colossal loss of lives and properties in the recent devastating floods, assured the Prime Minister of his countrys complete solidarity with the government and people pf Pakistan in their this hour of trial.
This might permit metrical commensuration of two instantiations of the same basic good, so long as the metric does not ignore some significant attribute and measures the degree to which the basic good is actually realized in each instantiation.
by locating commensuration in choice, McCormick implicitly admits that proportionalism has failed.
The payment shown above does not include (i) the incentive amounting to 99 million yen paid in commensuration with the operating result and (ii) the premium on retirement amounting to 152 million yen (for 2 directors and 3 officers, 1 out of the 2 directors assumed double responsibility as an officer as well) 3.
Myself, on behalf of FIFA expresses commensurations and condolences on massive loss of lives and colossal damage to properties and infrastructure caused in flood-ravaged Pakistan and assured humanitarian aid to help deal with the disaster which has killed more than 13 million people," this is stated by South Koreas millionaire football man and FIFA Vice President Dr Chung Mong-joon who has donated 400,000 dollars for victims of the recent devastating floods in Pakistan.
He expressed commensurations and condolences on massive loss of lives and colossal damage to properties and infrastructure caused by the floods.