comment upon

References in classic literature ?
I make no comment upon this extraordinary close to the pr oceedings.
He had been slow in the act of producing the packet because during it he had been trying to invent a remarkable comment upon the affair.
They are expressed in the most plain and simple terms, wherein those people are not mercurial enough to discover above one interpretation: and to write a comment upon any law, is a capital crime.
Nothing would keep him on his perch; he must clamber down, comment upon the pebble in the door (which he regarded as an ingenious but unsafe device), help John with the portmanteau, and enliven matters with a flow of speech, and especially of questions, which I thus condense:-
We have always said that we are not going to comment upon WikiLeaks you know.
Strong amber and musky perfume, it is one of those fragrances people always notice and comment upon.
Romero's zombie films comment upon man's cruelty and inhumanity to man, as well as the degeneration of the social contract into the strong devouring the weak into ruthless individual anarchy.
In the end, the Court failed to appreciate the conflict between freedom of religion and sexual orientation, and in particular, the conflict between the duty of religious people to comment upon the harmful sexual practices of some, and the "gay" activist's desire to silence all critics under the auspices of sexual orientation.
The strategy of remaking luxury designer goods in cheap materials in order to comment upon their questionable appeal and value was a strategy that had, it seemed, run its course.
Her parents (once hippies but no longer so), her little brother, her classmates and school life all are topics to comment upon.
At various points throughout our reading of the novel, I encourage students to tap into their own expertise and comment upon or respond to a scene or character that strikes them.
Schwarz is expected to comment upon the impact of spyware upon the information security industry.