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Because he left no Commentaries," replied La Ramee, with his coarse laugh.
Mortimer laughed again, with his usual commentaries of 'How CAN you be so ridiculous, Eugene
Weller occasionally interrupted by half-suppressed references to a gentleman of the name of Walker, and other running commentaries of the same kind.
The commentaries on individual books vary in detail.
This lengthy commentary--over four hundred pages of annotated text in the present edition--is arguably the most difficult to understand of all of Averroes's commentaries.
Segal also ignored this commentary by Kahana in his book Parshanut Ha-Mikra [The Exegesis of the Bible] which was printed in Jerusalem in 1943 and listed the more important commentaries to the Bible throughout history.
First published by the publisher Micah in 1954, the book was reissued in 1982 with six lengthy commentaries by noted theologians.
The chapters end with miscellaneous Arabic commentaries and other treatises on meteorology, such as those by al-Kindi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Bajja and Ibn Rushd.
90) includes all 18 episodes on six discs, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes and commentaries.
This large book studies the history of the teaching of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Italian universities by examining over 160 Latin commentaries and translations produced between 1300 and 1650.
Sad to say, while the new DVD offers the chance to reassess T&L as a cultural artifact and to cull the out-takes and commentaries, it produces no smoking gun.
The great Japanese master Eihei Dogen -- whose Shobogenzo is a particularly rich collection of koan commentaries and essays on Zen practice -- saw spiritual practice (particularly the Zen form of contemplation known as zazen) and enlightenment as inseparable.