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As is well known, Avenues wrote three kinds of commentaries on the De anima: an epitome or short commentary, a middle commentary, and the long commentary.
The World: A Gateway: Commentaries on the Mumonkan.
In addition to continuing his political commentary twice a week on The Torn Joyner Morning Show, he is also doing short afternoon drive-time commentaries for black radio called The Smiley Report (www.
But it was the means of determining each commentator's rate of pay that excited me: We web site contributors would be paid on the basis of the number of "hits" our commentaries attracted, which in e-biz corresponds to the number of people who bother to look at them.
Again, no opponents were criticized, or even named, in these commentaries, and no references were made to any election or to Forbes's candidacy.
The condensed version 2010, previously published and also available, includes only the articles, commentaries, non-member economies positions and the Recommendation of the OECD Council.
Features that seem new in later commentaries can usually be exemplified in the earliest commentaries as well (even if they aren't typical there), and later commentaries still perform the same functions as older commentaries: correcting errors in transmission, glossing unfamiliar vocabulary, guiding students through knotty syntax.
These commentaries will be appreciated by theological students, by pastors preparing to preach or teach, by scholars in the academy, and by lay readers who are concerned to read the Bible with understanding.
The heart of the book is an analysis of commentaries on the Ethics by Italian scholars who taught in the universities of Florence, Padua, Bologna, and Rome, and in the Jesuit Collegio Romano.
These are the most recent versions of the films that include extras like commentaries and trivia, etc.
Get ready for Sir lan McKellen's return as Gandalf the White in The Two Towers with this heaven-sent-for-collector-geeks five-disc set, including the extended 200-minute-plus Platinum Series Special DVD Edition of the film, multiple commentaries, hours of extras, the National Geographic TV special, and mini statues that would make neat salt and pepper shakers.
In 1994, National Public Radio agreed to broadcast a series of Mumia's radio commentaries from death row.