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We received a commentary solution that perfectly suits our needs.
Hasrat Mohani published a divan of Ghalib with some rare couplets and commentary in 1911.
Smith will be in the commentary box for the first two weeks of the tournament due to prior personal commitments.
In a statement, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said the commentary was 'a repost from a commentary on Xinhua News Agency's sponsored website which the PNA maintains a partnership.'
The peshat commentary here focuses on the verb form of yishaqeini as an expression of volition or desire, articulating "the speaker's intense longing for a kiss", and discusses whether the maiden is speaking here to her beloved, her companions, or to herself using "the private language of fantasy" (p.
To avail the Desi Commentary service, Mobilink subscribers can dial 2929 and enjoy the desi touch of comedians.
The commentary that accompanied the event came from BBC's Ed Leigh, Tim Warwood and Jones' Olympic team-mate Aimee Fuller.
However, Allen's commentary cannot be one's only commentary on Matthew.
The commentary team included sports journalist Alison Mitchell, one of the very rare occasions that a woman has been part of the TMS commentary team.
The descriptive aspect of commentary allowed fans to relive the atmosphere in their own minds, as if they were sitting in the stands.
The result has been that unless you have access to the Fox Sports pay-TV channels, you are unable to get ball-by-ball commentary of the series, which began on Friday, the paper said.
The new commentary on the Ordo Missae of the new Roman Missal, published in 2011, is voluminous.