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The original Latin commentary was first published under the title in Cantica Canticorum Salomonis Explanatio (Salamanca: Lucas a Junta, 1580).
To avail the Desi Commentary service, Mobilink subscribers can dial 2929 and enjoy the desi touch of comedians.
Taylor next discusses Averroes's philosophical sources for the Long Commentary (pp.
Balint recognises that Commentary reflected the judgment that "as boosters and detracted could agree, Americas new Jewish writers had come into their own" (p.
Abrams gives especially good descriptions of Cohen's ambition to make Commentary the magazine he had hoped to create at Menorah Journal.
Julia Gaisser sees a continuity from medieval to Renaissance pedagogy in Filippo Beroaldo's commentary on Apuleius, considered as a window onto the famous Renaissance teacher's lectures.
Straub suggests that teachers can never fully relinquish control in the commentary they make--it is omnipresent.
The introductory chapter attempts to define self-commentary from a theoretical point of view and to establish the differences that mark it out from standard commentary.
When Paul Lettinck published his Aristotle's Physics and its Reception in the Arabic World with an Edition of the Unpublished Parts of Ibn Bajja's Commentary on the Physics in 1994, his carefully documented work opened a new window for understanding the complexities of the reception of the Aristotelian corpus in the Islamic scientific tradition; with this companion volume, he widens that window.
Changes to the Commentary on Article 5 of the OECD Model Treaty defining a PE make clear that a website cannot, in itself, constitute a PE.