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And he read aloud to me in his remarkable style, paralleling the text with a running criticism and commentary, lucidly wording involved and lumbering periods, casting side and cross lights upon the subject, introducing points the author had blundered past and objections he had ignored, catching up lost ends, flinging a contrast into a paradox and reducing it to a coherent and succinctly stated truth--in short, flashing his luminous genius in a blaze of fire over pages erstwhile dull and heavy and lifeless.
In offering this little commentary to the Nietzsche student, I should like it to be understood that I make no claim as to its infallibility or indispensability.
Must be gawky, I should think,' is Rosa's quiet commentary.
Big nose, no doubt,' is the quiet commentary again.
He was that terrible type, the Silly Cynic, his aim a caustic commentary on all things and all men, his achievement mere vulgar irreverence and unintelligent scorn.
As a practical commentary on the liberal social theory which he had just favoured me by illustrating, Mr.
In recent decades scholars have disagreed on the order in which these three commentaries were written, the relation among the three commentaries, and--given the fact that Averroes revised at least one and perhaps all of them--which commentary contains his final teachings on the soul and the intellect.
Welcome the most recent one-volume commentary on the Bible, including the books of the Apocrypha (including 3 and 4 Maccabees and Psalm 151), i.
Green provides an updated commentary on penalties, but he also has a commentary on the reorganization of the Roman Curia (canons 360-361) and a detailed and well-documented commentary on the apostolic constitution Pastor Bonus (1988).
For example, news anchor Sybil Wilkes of The Tom Joyner Morning Show weaves book news into her morning commentary.
The author sees the politeuma of "the Church" as the overall theme of this commentary.
Commentary on Article 2: Concerning taxes covered by the convention