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As for Tom's Bible, though it had no annotations and helps in margin from learned commentators, still it had been embellished with certain way-marks and guide-boards of Tom's own invention, and which helped him more than the most learned expositions could have done.
Resuming existence at the expiration of this time, he would invariably find his great work converted into a species of hap-hazard note-book -- that is to say, into a kind of literary arena for the conflicting guesses, riddles, and personal squabbles of whole herds of exasperated commentators.
The revealing is done by the commentators, who know
The best sports young commentator prize went to Tareq Al-Mulla and Ahamd Al-Ajami, while Fraes Awad and Khalil Boloushi won the best professional commentator award.
LAHORE -- Pakistan former cricket captain, Ramiz Raja who was part of the 15-man star studded line up of TV commentators for the ICC champions trophy was the only commentator who predicted Pak-India final, with green shirts clinching title of the mega event.
Among the topics are the earliest Aristotelian commentators, the harmony of Plotinus and Aristotle according to Porphyry, the metaphysics of Ammmonius son of Hermeias, Boethius as an Aristotelian commentator, and Aristotle's doctrine of abstraction in the commentators.
Dubai: The hot topic of discussion during the current Indian Premier League (IPL) is the absence of popular commentator Harsha Bhogle in the commentary team.
According to former Pakistan captain Islahudin Siddiqui, Naqi was not only a skilled commentator but had a passion for hockey like no one else.
In my time, there was no commercial break after every over," the commentator recollects.
Sydney, Oct 10 ( ANI ): Former Australian captain and Channel Nine commentator Ian Chappell has said that he will not work during Australia's India tour as a protest against the Indian cricket board's 'muzzling' over the controversial Decision Review System (DRS).
KARACHI -- Renowned Urdu cricket commentator Munir Hussain died after a protracted illness in Karachi today.
It reached to an extent that some fans would prefer watching the match if their favourite commentator was on the audio.