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He now devoted himself to the branch of commerce with which he had thus casually been made acquainted.
She has also extensive commerce with Portugal, Spain, and Britain, and, with respect to the two latter, has, in addition, the circumstance of neighborhood to attend to.
To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;
Their ships filled the Mediterranean, and they carried on an extensive commerce with Constantinople and Syria.
There is not one sea-port in the whole kingdom: and those parts of the coasts into which the rivers issue, are so full of pointed rocks, and the sea generally so rough, that there is no venturing with the smallest of their boats; so that these people are wholly excluded from any commerce with the rest of the world.
In modern language, its meaning is better understood as, ``No state shall have the power to interfere in commerce with other states.
COM marketplace provides GSI Commerce with an enhanced ability to provide our online retail partners with another source of consumer shopping interest and extend the reach of their product offerings beyond their own Web stores," said Steve Davis, GSI Commerce senior vice president of partner services.
More information about potential factors that could affect GSI Commerce can be found in its most recent Form 10-K, Form 10-Q and other reports and statements filed by GSI Commerce with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Additionally, merchants can now interface PDG Commerce with other software solutions utilizing commercial database support.
Commenting on the alliance, "We are happy to have found a partner like GSI Commerce with a solid track record of e-commerce success and a total commitment to customer service and quality," said Jamey Rootes, Houston Texans Senior Vice President.
Cisco's new Internet offering is based on the company's own experience as a global leader in Internet commerce with over 73 percent of the company's transactions conducted via the web today -- a run rate of over $23 million daily or $8.
go Commerce with ISDN sells for $1395 and has a companion service at $79.

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