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A Commercial Agent filed a compensation claim before the Dubai Court against parties who infringed its commercial agency.
>> MISSISSIPPI FIRM RECOGNITION: Corporate/ Commercial; Litigation: General Commercial, Real Estate.
Swinton Commercial regional centre manager for Leeds, Neil Gray has been appointed to manage the Tyneside commercial centre, whilst also continuing his role as manager for the company's commercial centre in Leeds.
* Refinancing for $125,000 for a two story, mixed use, non-elevatored building containing two Class A apartments and two commercial units located in Sea Cliff, NY.
Boeing yesterday named Scott Carson president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes effective immediately, succeeding Alan Mulally, who left the company after 37 years to take over the top spot at troubled Ford Motor Co.
Governments there have pushed open source both out of national pride (choosing it over U.S.-based commercial software vendors) and as a way to keep costs down.
life insurer has been using the whale in its commercials since 1997.
* "We acquired the Interiors & Sources media package as part of a strategic quest for solid media properties that serve decision makers for products and services utilized in commercial structures," said Tim Fixmer, president of Stamats Business Media.
SURFEX was intended to take the MSC experiment one step further, Fletcher said, to examine infrastructure and industry capabilities, including that of port labor, the Maritime Administration, the commercial trucking, rail and ocean carrier industries, and West-Coast ports.
Bangor International Airport, Maine DSN 698-7700, commercial (207) 990-7700.
Chapter 1, "The Commercial Jeremiad," postulates that the end of the eighteenth century witnessed a significant change in the Christian rhetoric used by antislavery writers.
The Visa Corporate card, in conjunction with Visa Central Travel Account program, is part of the suite of Visa's Commercial Solutions designed to meet the needs of small to large businesses as well as Public Sector entities.

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