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CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. A society of the principal merchants and traders of a city, who meet to promote the general trade and commerce of the place. Some of these are incorporated, as in Philadelphia.

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Barrios was set up so Rosette and other market leaders could move into her turf, said Alejandro Camacho, a spokesman for the Legitimate Civic and Commercial Association.
During the years 1834 to 1900 other commercial associations were founded, notably that of Pernambuco in 1839, and Bahia in 1840.
Commercial association THE INTELECT Intelect is one of the North-east's fastest-growing mechanical and electrical engineering firms carrying out a diverse range of work for customers in many sectors, including food and drink manufacture and processing, water treatment, heavy metal industries and petrochemical plants.
She is a member of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors and is the President of the Mid-Hudson Valley Mortgage Bankers Association.
For the first time in the centennial history of the Santos Commercial Association, a woman was elected coordinator of its coffee exporters department now called, "Camara Setorial do Cafe.
C[pounds sterling]What certainly stands is the conviction that Europe is more than an economic and commercial association of countries; that we want to share a common destiny because of common interests, certainly, but also common values and the basic concept of solidarity between members, leading them to build common policies on an increasing number of subjects.
Vaughan Real Estate Consulting has been re-elected to the board of directors of the Orange County Commercial Association of Realtors (OCCAR) as its president-elect.
Nearly all of the business elite, including industrialists, were members of a local commercial association, even though they may also have belonged to another type of business interest group.
Voted as the 2008 Architecture Firm of the Year by the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors, OTJ Architects will help Citizant design and optimize office spaces that enable collaboration and innovation among employees in all parts of the business.
Drummond formerly served on the board of trustees for the Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation as well as the board of directors for the Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors from 2006 to 2008.
Perri--speaking on October 27, one day after rival Madison National Bank agreed to a merger told a banking symposium sponsored by the Long Island chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors, "In the next couple of years, you going to see poorly capitalized banks get taken over by larger banks.
The annual awards, which began in 2002 are sponsored by SINDICAFE, The Sao Paulo Roasters Union, the State Secretary of Agriculture, the Santos Commercial Association, ABIC, the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association and APAS, the Sao Paulo Super-Market Association.

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